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Health Rights Movement Bangladesh (HRMB) is a forum of 92 organizations establishing health rights to community people. Population Services and Training Center (PSTC) acts as a secretariat of the forum. HRMB organized 1st conference on ‘Health is not privilege, it is a rights; so it should be ensured with equity’ and has taken 21-Point Dhaka Declaration in 2007. These 21 issues from Dhaka Declaration would be the basis of launching social movement getting accessible health services. The main trust of this forum will be shares experience of different organizations and bring the advocacy issues in the table to push forward in the national arena.


Objectives of HRMB:

  • Build up national harmony with the national policy level directives accordingly the national constitution and international summit signatory

  • Relatively permanent solution related to health problems with the policy level directives

  • Health is not privilege, in this concern HRMB made accessible, accommodative form of health rights and advocacy with the national policy level




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